Classical Astrology and Plant Medicine

Classical Astrology and Plant Medicine

Classical Astrology and Plant MedicineClassical Astrology and Plant MedicineClassical Astrology and Plant Medicine

The wound is the place where the light enters you - Rumi


About Hellenistic Astrology


Hellenistic Astrology is the ancient system of celestial divination co-developed by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians. 

In addition to a rich cosmology and inspiring spiritual worldview, this form of astrology utilizes practical and effective techniques for exploring natal charts and unpacking their meaning. 

Moreover, this system is contained in texts that have only been translated in the last thirty years, making it paradoxically one of the newest and most cutting edge astrologies one can practice. 

By applying these astrological techniques we can investigate not just an individual's psychology and temperament, but also other concrete topics such as love life, career, and even destiny.



Remediation is the practical branch of astrology which involves counteracting difficult planets and difficult planetary transits as well as strengthening naturally strong ones.

Among other things, remediation involves the use of gemstones, plants, ritual, and planetary charity, all aimed balancing and moderating planetary energies in our lives. 

Through this management of planetary energy we have the potential to make astrology into something functional and effective - something much more than just a diagnostic tool.

But most importantly, we engage in this practice in order to be provided with grace on our spiritual path and ease difficulties that confront us in our inner and outer lives. 

Plant Medicine and Magic


For as long as human beings have walked upright, they have taken refuge in the plant world to bolster their vital essence, deflect illness, recover from injury, and to learn to live in harmony with their communities (human and non-human alike).

Often referred to as "those who teach us" in indigenous cultures, plants offer themselves generously for healing in order to maintain balance in the environment. 

They prize balance above all else, due to the fact that they have an embodied sense of the inherent unity of all beings. 

Plants don't just believe that the health and happiness of all creatures is interdependent. They know it.

This fact makes them the most incredible healers and teachers on the planet. All we have to do is humble ourselves before them, and ask them to help us.

Spiritual Coaching


Crystal and Matthew work with a small number of clients to guide them through difficult or transitionary periods in their lives.

In addition to utilizing their knowledge of ancient astrological techniques and plant medicines, they offer guidance through Buddhist and Yogic technologies, Hermetic magical practices, and ages-old Wise Woman traditions from around the globe.

To work with Crystal and/or Matthew in a coaching program, please send us an email explaining what you would like to accomplish through our work together. 

Please also summarize any previous coaching relationships, spiritual practices, and day-to-day joys and stresses.

What others are saying

Tiffany W.

 I was blown away.   I am so GRATEFUL and Crystal and Mathew joined up. They are an exquisite team. This service is totally unique to anything out there and so insightful. This is truly the best way someone can spend their money on a reading to gain necessary astrological insight to aid one’s life goals 

Tina R.

My reading with Crystal and Matthew blew me away. It was nothing like anything I’ve experienced before; their combined expertise with plants and stars is truly rich, and to have that power turned to my own chart was fascinating and awesome. I’ll be reaping the benefits of their advice and insight for the rest of my life, easy. 

Tara C.

 My reading with Matthew and Crystal got right to the heart of my most pressing existential issues and gave me some amazing insights into how to best work with the more difficult energies in my life. I loved implementing their suggested remediations. This is a great service for people who want to be active participants in their own life patterns and circumstances 

Phoebe M.

 Matthew and Crystal's unique approach provided enlightening insight. Pieces that seemed out of place with more traditional readings now make sense. I feel like I've been given a picture that is more whole, more me. 

Claire C.

 A true gift!

Matthew and Crystal are equally insightful and approached aspects in my chart each with their unique perspectives. The reading we did together pushed me to look deeper at the influences in my chart, and inspired a commitment within myself to work with the more difficult aspects. I am really loving my new rituals with the moon and for Saturn in particular <3

Renée C

 A reading with Matthew and Crystal was, hands-down, one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I came away with a deeper connection to my guides, my story and my purpose in life.  Matthew and Crystal brought great clarity around the challenges and opportunity present for me, body, mind and soul, based on my story in the chart.  I feel energized and empowered to take action around topics that previously befuddled me.  Thanks to Matt and Crystal’s kind, loving and direct spiritual guidance, I received answers to long-standing questions about myself and my life.  It was a truly profound experience that continues to be deeply nourishing and transformative for me.  I felt utterly seen and held in the best and highest good thanks to their combined soul power, wise discernment, incredible expertise and actionable knowledge.   

About US


Crystal (Hoffman) Woodling

Crystal is a Clinical and Folk Herbalist,  Yogini, Traditional Astrologer, Journey Work Practitioner, and Story Teller. 

She combines all of these healing tools in her one-on-one healing work with clients and teaches courses on plant magic and medicine which reveal the elegance of how scientific and spiritual perspectives of healing mirror one another.

Her magical work started young, palm reading in middle school and giving tarot readings in high school everywhere from AP Bio to the office of her gas station job where she also happened to work as the town herbalist.

After leaving her career as a professor of poetry and literature, she spent nearly a decade studying with healers from various traditions around the globe in pursuit of freeing herself from debilitating chronic illnesses.

After passing the gifts that she gleaned from that healing on to numerous suffering friends and family members, she decided to follow her calling as the legs of the plants and the voice of the stars. 

She has since guided hundreds of students and clients through their own healing journeys and continues to strive to learn, listen, and serve in equal balance. 


Annie Fox Derek

Annie Fox Derek is an herbalist, teacher, and folk healer. She combines her background in botany and clinical herbalism with traditional healing techniques, weaving together the spiritual mysteries of magic with the medicinal healing virtues of plants.

Local to these Appalachian foothills, she offers one-on-one wellness consultations, live workshops, plant walks, and online initiatory courses. Her work often includes story, song, a spoonful of non-dual awareness, and a generous dash of humor.


Matthew Kenney

Matthew is a professional Hellenistic and Chaldean Astrologer, scholar of Ancient Greek and Vedic culture, and professional translator of ancient tantric  texts. He has extensive training and committed practices in Vajrayana Buddhism, Hatha Yoga, and Western Hermeticism.

A lifelong student, he studied Classics, German, and Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and has published and presented papers on philosophical inquiry internationally.

What Others Are Saying

Ellen Garbarino

 I was astonished during my session with Crystal and Matthew to have so many of my life experiences validated. When it comes to career and money I’ve run into many baffling roadblocks. Not only did Crystal and Mathew confirm that my chart explained those roadblocks but gave me a great deal of hope for the future and a plan to mitigate those influences. It was wildly liberating! 

Yaga Sara

 Crystal and Matthew opened up a whole new world for me, as I was previously completely unaware of the effects the planetary positions had in my birth chart. The experience was rich with information as well as beautiful storytelling and facts explained in a way even someone who is new to astrology and not a native english speaker could understand. I have just begun my healing journey with natural remedies suggested by Crystal and can already feel the results manifesting in both my body and soul being soothed and nourished 

Shantala S.

 I've taken a magical class with Crystal as a guest teacher and it was a divine experience. I'm currently in her Earth magic course which features herbology techniques and understanding astrology and your body.

It was through the Earth class that I learned about the astro herbology readings... and was ecstatic to receive a private reading by Crystal and Matthew, shortly after the new year. They are like genius astrology buffs with a wickedly on point analysis of the herbs that match your astro placements.

They personally explained exactly what my astro placements were for romance, health and my career as an actor. I was given rituals and herbs to assuage difficult placements that would otherwise take years of personal development to integrate.

I've just begun some of the therapy assigned and already experienced huge shifts in my personal life and relationships. (Of course I've been doing years of shadow integration), but these helpful instructions for understanding my makeup and what's expected for this year really grounded things out.

We don't need to suffer the tough breaks gifted by a birth time...we can use the help of our natural natal chart along with ancient plant wisdom to cut through the red tape.

That's where these earth star docs come in. Book a session, you gain more wisdom about you that you can use in a single year.

Emily B.

 My time with Crystal and Matthew was very helpful. They patiently explained advanced aspects of astrology to me, and showed how these may be manifesting in my life - and I definitely agreed! During my remediation, Crystal pointed out how physical symptoms that I had not considered as related actually pointed to a potential health issue, and suggested herbal remedies to address this problem. I have implemented many of their suggestions, and already feel that I am making progress. 


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